"Secure Mission Focused Construction"
   Facilities Development Corporation

1980 Isaac Newton Square
Reston, VA 20190


FDC's stated goal is to complete every project with zero employee injuries and with no  EM-385-1-1 / OSHA reportable incidents. 
FDC demands that same goal from all subcontractors.
The safety culture within the company from the President/CEO down through the organization is "Safety First" in all things we do.  There is simply no tolerance within the company for unsafe acts.  All of our field supervisors have completed either the OSHA 30 Hour Course or the EM-385 Course.
FDC assigns a properly safety trained and responsible supervisor to each and every project.

FDC consistently delivers projects that meet all project specifications and required standards, without exception.  FDC follows the guidelines set forth in the USACE QCM and the ISO 9000 Series of standards.  FDC ensures that each and every component incorporated into the final project is inspected and is compliant with the specifications.  In addition to paying close attention to components and other materials, we ensure that final installation is done in a professional manner. 
Prior to an inspection by the client's Quality Manager, FDC has accom-plished an independent inspection to verify that we are delivering a quality project. 

Client Satisfaction
Without qualification, our goal is to complete each project and have a totally satisfied client.
We want our clients to be  not only satisfied with the final physical project but to be satisfied with the professionalism of our field employees and the support provided by our Home Office staff.
We welcome constructive criticism from our clients and address each deviation to determine the root cause and to introduce corrective action early in the process in our effort to strive towards excellence.
We demand the same dedication from our subcontractors.  A review of our past projects and clients would indicate that we have attained our goal.