Facilities Development Corporation
NAVFAC IDIQ  Task Order 032
Install two 1,000 KVA Generators, two 1,600 Amp Automatic Transfer Switches and associated wiring and controls for back up power to a critical U.S. Navy Facility.  Under the NAVFAC IDIQ contract,  FDC installed similar systems of varying sizes at location in the United States and at international facilities.
Veach-Baley Federal Complex
FDC installed a new "Honeywell Notifier" fire alarm system in this GSA Building located in Asheville, N.C.  This project consisted of a new fire alarm panel, replacement of all existing devices / wiring, and modifications to the sprinkler system on two floors of this multi-floor structure.
U.S. Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq
NAVFAC IDIQ  Task Order 029
FDC has accomplished work in numerous U.S. Embassy projects at  locations around the globe.  In the embassy pictured above, FDC did a significant volume of work including tenant fit-outs and ran over 600,000 foot of communications cabling.  Other embassy projects have included similar items of work; i.e., entry control points, fire alarm installations, and upgrades of electrical power systems.
FDC installed two 800 KVA Generators and associated control panels.  The work shown here was the modification to the building necessary to install remote radiators with air filter assemblies necessary to protect the radiators from volcanic ash.